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We at Aeikyam are committed to bringing various art forms of India to decorate your home in the form of bed linen & home decor solutions.

Our Inspirations


Represented by black,blue colour and wavy pattern


Represented by green, brown colour and rectangular/ floral pattern


Represented by red, pink, purple colour and triangular pattern


Represented by yellow colour and square pattern


Represented by grey and white colour with circular patterns.

You Are Our Priority

We do understand that every individual is unique with a unique taste and liking. Also, India being the land of colors, it is our utmost priority that we cater to this varied demand by providing our collection in varied colors and patterns.

With every new collection, we are sure that you will find just the right piece to decorate your rooms and make your house more vibrant which also compliments your style and decor.

Green Meadow

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