Aeikyam- 100% Cotton- Hand Printed- 140 GSMKing Size Bedsheet (108*108)- Blue Drops


Inspired by flowers, Aeikyam brings to you this bedsheet that has been inspired by tulips to decorate your home. Having known to be one of the flowers that were cultivated since 10th century, tulips have stood the test of time and always appealing when it comes to decorating any space.
This bedsheet has been specifically designed in blue colour with the motive to provide the emotional stability that can stand the test of time in current scenario where everything seems very competitive. Blue colour being the colour of emotional stability , this bedsheet when used in the bedrooms in the northern portion of your home will ensure emotional well being of family members and deepen emotional connect among family members.

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Fabric- 100% Cotton, hand block printed,
Thread count- 300
Size- King (108*108)
Colour- Blue
No of pieces- 3
Size of pillow cover- 20*30
Closure of pillow cover- Envelope


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